Yarn Winders and Swifts

Generic Wool Winder (nla) and Clamp style swift. All sold separately.

A great selection of tools for winding and balling off hanks of yarn. A must in every knitting supply cabinet! We carry 4 different yarn swifts, wood and metal, and 3 different yarn ball wool winders. Each of these is a quality product and we've used them extensively in the Yarn Store!

Due to irregular sizes, most of the time it is impossible to ship winders and swifts in the same box. Swifts are long and narrow, and winders are big square boxes. I've tried, and most often, the box required would be enormous. So your selection will be checked to see if it is possible, otherwise, they will be shipped separately.

Orders of swifts and winders outside of the U.S. WILL BE shipped separately. additional Shipping costs will be ADDED to sales receipt when shipped, if necessary. Contact us if you need more information.

These items are regular stock items, and are normally in stock at all times.

Large Ball Winder

Large Ball Winder

I saw this ball winder at a trade show and I was very impressed. It is a good sized winder and we use it in the store nearly everyday.

Angelika Recomends!

Ball Winder

Small Ball Winder

Small, but durable! This is a good quality, blue and cream wool yarn winder. Will wind 50 grams easily. Center Pull or outside pull.

New Wool Winder by Royal

Wool Winder by Royal

This is a good quality, blue and cream wool yarn winder. Will wind 50 grams easily. Center Pull or outside pull.

Ball Winder MO17

Winds off 4oz balls. Comes with adjustable table clamp.

Angelika's Recommendation !

Finished Birch Swift - Medium and Large

Finished Birch Swift

Finished Birch Swift - Medium.
For skeins up to 60".

Finished Birch Swift - Large
For skeins up to 100".

Light Yarn Swift

Metal and Plastic Yarn Swift made in China.

at this time, and more are on their way. Feel free to order.

Made of plastic and metal and will hold skeins up to one pound and sixty inches in circumference.

There is one more thing I want to say about this inexpensive swift. I tend to keep going back to it here in the store. I teach my customers how to wind their own hanks of yarn. This frees me up to help others, and from the sounds of chatter, I think they enjoy it. This swift spins freely without any drag. This creates a looser ball of yarn. It is important that our balls of yarn are not tight, therefore stretching our yarn. In fact, I recommend that you do not wind your hanks of yarn into balls until you are ready to immediately start knitting from that ball.

While it is true that this swift will not last under heavy use, and while it was broke by a new user, I tend to always have one available. Even if it means purchasing a new one for store use every few years.

Heavy Duty Large Glimakra Swift. $84 + $5 due to heavy shipping

Traditional Scandinavian style, from Glimåkra-GAG. Made in Sweden.

Heavy Duty Yarn Swift

A beautiful, unfinished, birch wood swift that holds skeins up to two pounds and opens out to 104" circumference. AB Gunnar Anderssons Vävskedsfabrik has been producing looms and weaving equipment for 80 years.