AMERICAN EXPRESS FRAUD has forced Angelika's to no longer accept this card.
Also, we can only ship to the billing address on any other card. No longer can we accept a different ship to address.
If we do not get a positive match on that address, we will not be able to ship your order.

We are very sorry about this. I've lost many hours sleep over the evilness of these thieves.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.

Shipping Table -
United States Only

$0 to $39.99$5.00
$40 to $69.99$4.00
$70 to $99.99$3.00
$100 to $119.99$2.00
$120 and upFREE

Winding Service?


Before you go, consider our
OPTIONAL SERVICE:    (Not all yarn needs wound....only hanks.)
Need Yarn Winding Service??

Wound yarn can not be returned or exchanged.

Return policy:
Angelika's offers an exceptionally low shipping rate, absorbing most of the cost of the packages. But please be aware of our returns policy. Shipping charges are not refundable. If I paid, or covered part of the outbound shipping to you, your credit will be reduced by my cost of this.

Return policy: No Returns on

  • Knitting Machines
  • Kniting, Crochet and Machine Knitting Tools
  • Wound Yarn
  • Software, Books and Patterns
  • Special Orders

International Orders
My simple shipping program does not do international shipping. Your card is authorized for $50, but shipping will be reduced to actual, plus $4 manual handling.

For knitting machine international orders,
acceptable payment is via wire transfer only.
PLEASE EMAIL. ( your full shipping address and we will email you back cost and wiring instructions.

Please email ( or call the Yarn Store for any questions regarding your order or shipping.