On the pages where you put in your credit card number, those are secure pages. You can tell because the http address changes to https.

You can order through our secure shopping cart. In order for our shopping cart to work, your browser security settings must not be set higher than medium and must have JavaScript enabled. This is true in 99% of ecommerce web sites. It is possible to set your security settings to High and still accept JavaScript by going into your advanced browser settings.

Some firewalls will give you trouble with this.

Don't forget to submit your final order. You can change quantities by typing a new # over the old amount, and you can empty your cart by hitting the empty cart button.

Due to great amounts of fraud, the credit card companies have added some verification features. Be sure to use the same name and address that the card uses for your BILLING address. If you want it shipped elsewhere, then use a different SHIPPING address. Many customers prefer to have their purchases shipped to their place of employment.


About my shipping fees:

Shipping is added to your order. You select the rate that matches your order total. Insurance can be added at an additional cost. Just reply back to your sales order that you want it insured. Read more on my Shipping and Returns Policy Page

About returns:

I have a Returns Policy. No returns on machines and equipment and videos. Read more on my Shipping and Returns Policy Page