Angelika's Yarn Store Contact Information

Angelika's is relocating to the mid-west and expanding to 5400 sq ft!!
But we need your help! Download our sales flyer!!
Sale starts August 1, and last day is August 20, but don't delay.
The good yarns will be the first to go out the door!

TIMELINE: (web store will be open and will be accepting orders for shipment in September.)
August 20, 2014: last day at Portland Location.
August 21-25, 2014: filling up freight truck.
August 26-September 2, 2014: moving across country.
September 2: arrive at new home!!
September 3, 2014: Opening boxes, filling orders, and reassembling racks!

Our last day in Portland is August 20. We will reopen in our new location the first week in September. Feel free to order what you need, and we will ship as soon as we can open those boxes, on a first-come, first-served basis. Inventories will run low during the move. Cascade will be fully stocked and then some!! Lorna's Laces will be restocked, but since it is hand dyed it will take longer. Done Roving arrives very quickly, so order at will!! And we will be adding more lines from Done Roving. Universal and all other lines will be restocked at a slower pace. Email us if there's something you need quickly, and we will try to make that happen!

Angelika's Yarn Store
500 N Dodgion St
Independence, MO 64050
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