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Different Yarns for Different Knitting Machines

No Longer Available.

This page is for informational purposes only. The SK860 and matching SR860 ribber are no longer being manufactured.

Mid-Gauge, 6.5mm, electronic knitting machine.

Matching Ribber SR860

6.5mm ribber for the SK860 mid-gauge, metal bed knitting machines.

No Longer Available.

6.5mm cast on comb

Comes with LK150, but can be used with SK160 & SK860
Comb normally consists of 3 lengths, which can be joined together with joiners. LK150 comes with 3 lengths and 2 joiners, to cover full bed of 150 needles.

One comb covers 50 needles (LK150 came with 3 combs)

One comb joiner (joins two lengths together.  LK150 came with 2)

Knitting Machine A-Frame Stand

$250 + shipping (heavy) =

A-Frame traditional stand for all knitting machines. Easy to assembly, tilting feature.