SK160 6.5mm mid-gauge knitting machine

The Silver Reed SK160 knitting machine knits yarns normally knit on US# 4 - 10.5 needles.  It's heavy duty bed accomodates even the bulky yarns with ease.  Perfect for sport through bulky weight yarns, this machine can enhance and speed up your hand knit designs.

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silver reed sk160 knitting machine

SK160 6.5mm mid-gauge knitting machine.

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The Silver Reed SK 160 is a metal bed, sturdy knitting machine, a step up from the LK150 plastic bed machine. It has a  heavy duty design and light weight carriage which makes this such a popular machine.

    Mid gauge, 150 needles, 6.5 mm needle spacing
    Manual pattern selection: Stockinet, Tuck, Slip, Weaving, and Intarsia stitch types for hand knit type yarns.  Multicolor color work can be done using the multicolor slip stitch technique.
    Intarsia feature built in!!!
    The advantage of the SK160 is that you can get into machine knitting for a relatively low cost.
    With a 6.5mm needle pitch, the SK160 is designed to work with all the yarns typically used by hand knitters. This model knits yarns that fall in the top range for a standard gauge machine and in the lower range for a chunky machine and the yarns that fall between, this machine can deliver the best of both worlds.

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