The Pony Total System Knitting Needles

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The Pony Total System Knitting Needles

For many hours of pleasurable knitting be sure to select the knitting needle that you are most comfortable with.

The Pony Total Knitting System The exciting new concept for 21st-century knitters! Experience a total world of difference with the Pony Total knitting system! No need to look for row counter, stitch holder, or point protector because it's all in the system! Universal length - to accomodate all sizes of work. Knits faster - the short needle and slim cable allow stitches to slide faster and smoother. Knits neater - the stitches hang loose on the cable, giving it a very even tension. Knits easier - it's lighter than any other knitting needle you have ever used. The flexible cable allows the work to rest easily in your lap. Knits safer - the soft insert in the knob protects your knitting needle points as well as your work from being damaged. When the points are inserted into the point protector, the Pony Total will act as a stitch holder, safely keeping your stitches in place. Stores better - the flexible cable folds up into a compact package.

Pony Totals are not circular needles, although they look like they might be. Pony Totals will not knit circularly. They are used like straight needles. The weight of projects on straight needles can cause pain in your wrists, while with Pony Totals the weight the project lays in your lap or table.

The Pony Total System Knitting Needles

US#0, 2mm

US#1, 2.25mm

US#1.5, 2.5mm

US#2, 2.75mm

US#2.5, 3mm

US#3, 3.25mm

US#4, 3.5mm

US#5, 3.75mm

US#6, 4mm

US#7, 4.5mm

US#8, 5mm

US#9, 5.5mm

US#10, 6mm

US#10.5, 6.5mm

US#10.75, 7mm

US#11, 8mm

US#13, 9mm

US#15, 10mm

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