Knit Pleasing Portland Purse

This stitch pattern is an modified cable stitch by Angelika to produce a nice dense fabric perfect for purses and totes. This knitversion of our Pleasing Portland Purse uses Cascade Yarns Sierra which is a nice cotton wool blend that is washable. An absolutely adorable, and extremely popular project!!

Pleasing Portland Purse Knit Pattern

Inspired by the Cedar Crossing Bridge, this chic knitted purse is ideal for carrying this spring and summer! Textured stitches at a tight gauge provide visual interest and support for all your necessities. Pleasing Portland Purses (crochet version and knit version) were designed for the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl.

Uses 3 hanks of Cascade's Sierra, 2 Us#2 circular needles 24" (longer is ok) US#2 double points, 34" elastic, waste yarn, and 4 purse rings 1-2". Our rings are made in the USA.

Hammered Nickel Rings
(Set of 4), 1.25" round.
solid nickel

1 inch round rings.
Gunmetal (nearly black). (Set of 4)

1 inch round rings.

Polished Nickel (Set of 4)