Noni Patterns: #501 Round Pegs in a Square

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Noni Patterns: #501 Round Pegs in a Square

Nora uses Cascade 220 100% Wool in all her Noni Bag Patterns. Very well known for its excellent felting qualities and extreme range of colors.

#501 Round Pegs in a Square: An Accent Pillow in 3 Styles & 2 Colorways

Liven up your home or office with these felted pillows in two colorways and three possible modes of construction. The bold design of four circles clustered in the center of a square lends a contemporary feel to your space-whether they are on a couch, the floor, in a chair, or outside on garden furniture as they are pictured here.
Knit the two colorways in one pillow rather than two, creating an exciting reversible design by working the Two-Faced Pillow. This pillow is knit in one long piece, the sides stitched up with a tapestry needle before felting. The only finishing after felting is the addition of a zipper and the insertion of a pillow form and you are ready to enjoy a new look to your space.
Single-Faced Pillow is for knitters who also like to sew. This version has a fabric back as only the front is knit. The pillow is stitched together, and a zipper added, by hand or machine after the front is felted.
The Single Faced-Pillow with Felted Back is knit all in one piece leaving an opening for the zipper. This elegant construction requires the least finishing of the three options and is the one pictured on the pattern.

Shown is reversable two faced pillow which took 4 hanks of #4002 Jet & 4 hanks of #2444 Flame.

Single face with solid felted back is 6 hanks of main color and 1 hank of contrast color.

Pillow face with fabric back takes 3 hanks of the main color and 1 hank of contrast color.

Needles: US#11/8mm needles.

Hardware: 18" Square Pillow Form. For pillows that have both felted front and back need a 16" custom zipper. For pillow with fabric backing need 20" zipper.

Large Tooth Matching Zippers

zipper, double slider, head to head, closed ends

These zippers are closed on each end, with a double zipper in the middle. To adjust length, just cut one end and retack in the new position securely. Be careful not to let the zipper sliders come off, nor allow the zipper to come apart during this alteration.

Any length zipper can be cut to fit. This gives you a better color selection

15" Red

15" Spring Green

15" Imperial (Dark Fuchsia)

15" Gentle Lime

15" Aqua

15" Deep Brown (brown-black)

Or cut any of these zippers to fit.

20" Black

20" Tan

20" Hot Red

20" Army Grey

20" Holiday Pink

20" Dark Green

22" Rouge Red
matches Cascade 220 #7801 Rouge Red

22" Summer Sky
matches Cascade 220 #7815 Summer Sky

22" Citron
matches Cascade 220 #8910 Citron

30" Burgundy

30" Camel Brown

Black 30"

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