Noni Patterns: #406 3 Whimsical Backpacks

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Noni Patterns: #406 3 Whimsical Backpacks

Nora uses Cascade 220 100% Wool in all her Noni Bag Patterns. Very well known for its excellent felting qualities and extreme range of colors.

#406 Grassy Hill, Spiney Beast, & Just Plain Color: 3 Whimsical Backpacks for Grownups & Kids

For kids or the kid in you, these whimsical backpacks let you keep it plain and simple or go crazy with I-cords. Spiney Beast lets you become a bright blue monster with fantastical spines down your back. Grassy Hill covers you with grass and flowers. When you are feeling ferocious and prickly or when lying in the grass would best hit the spot, put on one of these whimsical backpacks and indulge the beast or the blossom in you.
These bags are knit in one piece with flap embellishments and I-cord closures and strap tabs added before felting. Curved straps that fit the shape of your body are knit separately and attached after felting using purchased hardware. Directions for adjusting the strap length are included.

Grassy Hill: 8 hanks #5019 Green Tea. The tiny flowers use small amounts of Cascade 220. Work from your stash or choose the colors as shown #7808 Purple Hyacinth and #7804 Shrimp.

Just Plain Color: 5 hanks #9404 Ruby & 2 hanks #7801 Rouge Red.

Spiny Beast: 6 hanks #9457 Cobalt Heather & .#7814 Chartreuse/

Needles: US#11/8mm circular needles (for all bags) and double pointed needles (for Spiney Beast), US#6/4.14mm double pointed (for Grassy Hill), and US#3/3.14mm needles (for Grassy Hill).

Hardware: 4 rectangular metal slide buckles 2"

Rectangle Rings Slides

Sold Individually

2" Heavy Metal Solid Brass Slide

2" Heavy Metal Nickle Slide

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