Noni Patterns: #404 Just Pockets: Small bag for Men, Women and Kids

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Noni Patterns: #404 Just Pockets: Small bag for Men, Women and Kids

Nora uses Cascade 220 100% Wool in all her Noni Bag Patterns. Very well known for its excellent felting qualities and extreme range of colors.

#404 Just Pockets: Small bag for Men, Women and Kids

This pattern contains a collection of small bags with fun, eye-catching patterns of color and shape and unlimited uses for men, women, and kids. The bag bodies are knit in one piece. Straps are knit separately and attached. All of these small bags are quick-to-knit projects with minimal finishing. All bags have zipper closures and attached bolt snaps that allow them to hang from belts or wall hooks, not just from their accompanying straps. Eminently practical as well as good-looking!

Pattern Difficulty Level: These are great projects for the beginning knitter and for knitters who would like to try the versatile technique of Fair Isle but are not ready for more ambitious projects.

each bag requires 1 hank of 2 colors of Cascade 220 yarn

There are 4 small bags pictured. Yellow Jacket, striped, uses #8555 black and #7827 goldenrod or try Orange Jacket (not shown) which uses #8400 charcoal grey and #9444 tangerine heather, and Just Stripes uses #9444 tangerine heather and #7825 orange sherbet. Garden Windows uses #7803 magenta and #7814 chartreuse. Reef, polka dotted, uses #9469 hot pink and #7816 bluebell.

There arealso 4 medium bags pictured. Green Stripe uses #2425 provence and #9461 lime heather. Sky, polka dotted uses #7816 bluebell and #8393 Navy. Sun, polka dotted, uses #7827 goldenrod and #8914 granny smith. Moon Windows uses #8393 navy and #9460 dune.

d-rings. these bags require 2.

swivel round eye bolt snaps. these bags require 2.

Large Tooth Matching Zippers

Small bags use a 6" zipper, medium bags use a 8" zipper. But any length zipper can be cut to fit. This gives you a better color selection. Go my zippers page to see your color selections.

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