Noni Patterns: #131 Perfect Fit Laptop Sleeve

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Noni Patterns: #131 Perfect Fit Laptop Sleeve

Use Cascade 220 100% Wool in your Noni Bag Patterns. Very well known for its excellent felting qualities and extreme range of colors.

#131 Perfect Fit Laptop Sleeve   

with power cord pocket


Sleeve, depending on your laptop size will take 840-1470 yards of feltable worsted weight wool such as Cascade 220. Powercord pocket takes another 250-270 yds.

20" or longer zipper, magnet snap for power cord pocket, shoulder handles use 4 rings, or for strap & briefcase handles 2 snap bolts and 2 d-rings. Noni pockets make great additional storage for smaller items.

20" Black

20" Tan

20" Wool Red
matches Cascade 220 #8414

20" Army Grey

20" Holiday Pink

20" Dark Green

22" Rouge Red
matches Cascade 220 #7801 Rouge Red

22" Summer Sky
matches Cascade 220 #7815 Summer Sky

22" Citron
matches Cascade 220 #8910 Citron

30" Burgundy

30" Camel Brown

Black 30"

Magnetic Snaps

Sold Individually

10mm Magnetic Snap - Gold

10mm Magnetic Snap - Nickel

14mm Magnetic Snap - Antique Brass

14mm Magnetic Snap - Black Nickel

14mm Magnetic Snap - Gold

14mm Magnetic Snap - Nickel

18mm Magnetic Snap - Antique Gold

18mm Magnetic Snap - Black Nickel

18mm Magnetic Snap - Gold

18mm Magnetic Snap - Nickel

Frosted Resin Colors Oval Rings

2.5/6.5cm long x 1.5/3.5cm wide on the outside. 1.37/3.5cm long x 1.87/2.2cm wide on the inside.
Sold per ring.
Handmade in Indonesia

Resin Oval Rings for Purses

Rouge - sold per ring.

Dark Red - sold per ring.

Black - sold per ring.

Blue - sold per ring.

Green - sold per ring.

Swivel Hooks and Snaps

Sold Individually

.625" (5/8") Black Square Snap Hook
(length 2.5")

.625" (5/8") Brass Square Snap Hook
(length 2.125")

.625" (5/8") Nickel Square Snap Hook
(length 2.5")

Square Eye Trigger Snap Hook
(length 1.125")

Antique Brass Swivel Snap Hook
(length 1.625")

Gilt-Brass Swivel Snap Hook
(length 1.875")

D-Ring .625" (5/8") Black Cast

D-Ring .625" (5/8") Brass

D-Ring .625" (5/8") Nickel

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