Three Nights in a Row, a Felted Noni Pattern


Use any combination of colors of feltable wool yarn such as Cascade 220.

Nora's inspiration for these three lovely little bags with Stephanotis & Rosettes, were small beaded bags she has in her very small antique bag collection. The beaded bags are from the 30s and 40s, and, conjure images of young women dashing from one social even to the next . . . three nights in a row. These bags are small enough, and easy enough to make, that you can knit them up quickly with just a skein or two of yarn. The Stephanotis flowers and rosettes are beautiful and also quick knits. Felt, sew to the purse frame and you are ready for a night out. Perfect for holiday parties, a weekend getaway, date night, or for brides and bridal party!

Even if your social schedule is not as busy as the heroines who were Nora's muses, these bags are delightful to carry yourself or to make as gifts for dear friends, loved family members, or little girls in your life.

Materials: Thursday Night bag: 200 yds.
Friday Night bag (shown above): 110 yds.
Saturday Night bag: 180 yds.
ALL BAGS: US#8 16" and double point needles. Stitch Markers.

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Noni Three Nights in a Row Pattern



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