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The New Year has begun...did anyone make New Year's resolution to knit or crochet more?

For your knitting (hand or machine) or crochet supplies, add us to your blogs, your forums, your facebook! And let us know. Henry and I just live to see what our customers are creating!! You are far more creative than I've ever been!

Here in the store, we still have Saturday Open Table for knitters and crocheters. 11:00 to ? Want to learn knit or crochet? Just want to hang out? Join us!

The amazing Rose City Yarn Crawl is coming up fast. The dates to put in your date book are Feb 28 through March 3, a Thursday through Sunday event. Eighteen dedicated yarn stores have worked since last March, making this a bigger and better event. Instead of 1 gift basket at each store, there are now 2 gift baskets, and 3 Grand Prize Baskets. Your chances at winning doubled!
Don't forget that at each yarn store there is a free pattern with purchase. Any purchase, any amount. Angelika and Laura have put together a dual pattern. Which means our pattern includes a crochet version and a knit version of our chosen project!!
And be sure to check the RCYC participant discount at the Red Lion Hotel, the official Hotel of the Rose City Yarn Crawl.


Henry and Angelika have really gone "chatty"! There's a new forum in town! and it caters to hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet!

Be one of the original members of our new forum!!

Join now! at the Yarn Store Forum.

There are 3 separate areas: Hand Knitting, Crochet and Machine Knitting. You can hang out in one, two or all three. We welcome new crafters, and we embrace wise words from established and published crafter. We even have threads in each area to post your blog or your web site. Plus a recipe thread, as Henry and I love food!

sk155 knitting machine

Me and my knitting machines . . .

Knitwear continues to be a very popular fabric. You see it in the deparment stores, and you see knitters and crocheters designing all around you. Knitting machines are another tool in the design of knitwear. Last winter the most popular selling machine was the Silver Reed LK150 mid-gauge. It knits mid-range yarns, and does a particularly wonderful job with DK and Worsted Weight yarns. This winter, it appears that the SK155 Chunky metal bed knitter is outselling the LK150. The SK155 does really well with worsted weight yarns and bulky yarns. It also does a great job with novelty yarns. Combine the speed of knitting with bulky weight yarns, and you could quite possibly knit all 4 pieces to a sweater in less than one hour. While this might not appeal to all knitters, it does appeal to those who love to create original designs, and use the machine to get the end result. I am one of those people.

I love to design garments, with an eye toward how the machine can be utilized. My garments are generally quite fitted and exact. Bits and pieces will be drafted out, swatches knit and tested for gauge, appearance and drape. My notes resemble an architectural drawing, with measurements, stitches, rows, formulas, arrows and shaded and textured areas. Taking something from ones imagination, putting it on paper and ending up with a finished item is where a machine knitter blooms.

I will pull my hand knitting and crochet experience into the design. There is nothing quite like the crochet edging, and often one can find crochet trims or edgings on knitwear. Plan a beautiful hand knit lace piece mixed with knits and purls panel, but use the machine for the solid pieces. Because the machine can produce pieces so fast, you can spend more time planning the design and you will be wearing your garment that much sooner!

Lornas Laces Christmas at Downton

Lorna's Laces goes Downton Abbey

From the girls at Lorna's Laces "So, I'm not sure you've heard about it, but there's this little television series on PBS, Downton Abbey? It seems to be quite popular. Ha! About a month ago, we worked with the head designer at Jimmy Bean's Wool, Kristen Ashbaugh, to create an exclusive color with the series in mind. We called it Christmas at Downton. It's been received really well! . . . Christmas at Downton is now a permanent member of the Lorna's Laces family. It's available to you in any of our yarns."

Angelika's has placed an order for this color in our top 3 selling lines, Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Worsted, Honor and Shepherd Bulky, and we will order that color in any of the other lines for you!

Lorna's Laces yarns are high quality yarns, with the 4 Shepherd Lines being extremely sought after. With over 200 shades in multis, tonals and nearly solids, I know there is one that will take your breath away!

Here is a little treat for you from Lorna's Laces. A free pullover pattern with a cute twisted stitch that is really easy to do. It is designed with the men (young and old) in your family, but is rather unisex in its appearance.

Details here: Christmas at Downton

Marble Chunky new colors

James C Brett brings us four new colors in the Marble Chunky line.

Marble Chunky Yarn is a beautiful and soft acrylic yarn that changes colors. Marble Chunky comes in huge 200 gram balls.

This Chunky Yarn is perfect for children's clothes and busy adult garments that need to be machine washed.

Content: 100% Acrylic, but is a very soft acrylic. Many natural fiber enthusiasts will stop and pet it, and are amazed it is acrylic. Not all acrylics are alike! It has an amazing yardage of 341 yds per ball, and at $13.99, this is a real sweet deal.

Marble Chunky knits to 3.5 sts per inch, usually on a US#10 needle. I tested it on a US#9 with a plan in mind. The test didn't meet my needs, but I ended up with a fabric that was dense and full of body. Fabric that is PERFECT for cardigan-jackets. The yarn is quite soft, and doesn't feel stiff or rough knit tighter like this. So if you have a jacket pattern, or a hoodie pattern that calls for 4 sts per inch, this could very well be your yarn!

Details here: Marble Chunky Yarn

hanks of Lorna's Laces Yarn in color way Clara's Garden

We now offer a winding service. Many yarns are now put up in hanks. Hanks are a yarn that is wrapped in a circular motion, then twisted and turned into itself. This form of coiling up yarn is very common on hand dyed yarns and natural fibers. Acrylic yarns are usually in balls or skeins. And blended yarns are usually in balls. Natural fiber yarns, factory dyed or undyed can be put up in either balls or hanks. The drawback to a hank of yarn is that one cannot knit or crochet from it. You will end up in a tangled mess.

If you would like us to wind off your yarn into a "cake" with our ball winder, we can do that. Techincally, the ball winder makes "cakes" rather than balls. The cakes can have a center pull, which is particularly desirable for machine knitters. There is now an option while checking out to specify how many hanks of yarn you'd like wound. If we happen to see a balled yarn come through with winding service added to the cart, we will contact you back. Unless you are a machine knitter, it is my opinion that you don't really need the ball wound into a cake. If you come into our store, we will teach you how to wind off your yarn using our swift and winder. It is a simple thing, and all of our customers enjoy the hands on fun.

Ideally, everyone should have a swift and ball winder. If you cannot budget both, then I recommend starting with the swift, the least expensive one is the one we use in the store. The swift will hold your yarn while you hand ball it off. Then later, if you would still like one, you can order a ball winder.

Using a swift makes it easier to make a ball because you don't have to ask someone to hold the yarn, or you don't have to use the back of a chair to keep it from tangling. Just clamp it to a table, find a comfortable chair across the room and the swift will spin slowly as you make a ball.

Details here: swifts and ball winders we recommend here.

Knitters Pride Interchangeable needle set

Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Needle Sets are now in stock.

We carry 3 sets of interchangeable needles from Knitters Pride in the Dreamz line. A unique, highly quality needle set made out of laminated birch wood. Each needle is color coded according to Knitter's Pride sizing chart. The tips are great! Nice and sharp. In the Dreamz line there are 3 different interchangeable sets.

In the Knitter's Pride Nova line there are also 4 different sets. Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with high quality nickel, its polished surface is a knitter's delight. Nova Interchangeables are innovatively designed and easy to connect cord has a smooth join that enables superior stitch glide and no snagging.

Both lines have a Deluxe Set, a Chunky Set, a Starter set (great to see if you like interchangeables) and a special 16" set (where the tips are shorter, the cords are longer. This is what you need for those small circumference projects, such as hats!!)

Check out all the sets, plus more on our Details here: Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Needles page.

Noni Lipstick and Change Purse

Noni Liptick and Change Purse It is a lovely evening bag, big enough for credit card, keys, cash, compact, lipstick, change. Kitted up with a tiny chain so you can wear it on your wrist.

Pick your color, its all there except the needles!

Details here: Noni Lipstick and Change Purse

Luscious Pluscious!!

Fast, fun, sweet and at a truly sweet price!

A new yarn from Cascade in sqISHable soft 100% Polyester. Each ball is 148 yds and at 3.5 sts per inch this is a bulky yarn. 5 balls is enough for a baby blanket.

Want to try two balls? Try this fast project. Pluscious Infinity Scarf Pattern

Details here: Cascade Pluscious Yarn

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Glamour

Kidsilk Haze Glamour!!

This yarn arrived just before Christmas. With barely enough time, we posted it on our facebook page.

True to its classy reputation, Rowan continues with another Silk and Mohair blend, this time incorporating payettes to reflect and sparkle. With the soft Rowan shades, this yarn does not come off as brash or over the top. Subtle, upscale, sophiscated.

55% Mohair, 22% Silk, 20% Nylon, 5% Polyester to string the payettes along, with no wool to make it itchy. With 177 yds per ball and a larger needle, it goes a long way. It is considered a light weight that you can knit anywhere from 6.25 to 4.5 sts per inch. I prefer the 4.5 because the halo of the mohair is allowed to work out. does go a long way at that gauge.

Details here: Kidsilk Haze Glamour

Free Lace Scarf Pattern

Seda Rustica silk and baby llama yarn

Knit One Crochet Too Seda Rustica Silk & Baby Llama

A softer than velvet yarn with a rustic look. Seda Rustica just begs to be cuddled and squeezed and never disappoints with a composition of silk and baby llama. The colors are antique and mix with each other very well.

Wool produced by a llama is very soft and lanolin-free. Sometimes allergies to wool isn't really a wool allergy, but a lanolin allergy. Seda Rustica yarn maybe an alternative.

Silk's absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather. The best undergarments are silk. Their thinness belies how warm and breathable a garment it is. I, personally, prefer pure silk undergarments in the winter.

Seda Rustica is made up of 70% Silk, 30% Baby Llama, with 218 yards, per hank. It is a worsted weight (Weight: Medium (4)) with 4 to 4.25 sts per inch on a US#7 or 8 needle.

Details here: Knit One Crochet Too Seda Rustica

Feza Fanatic Yarn

feza fanatic crochet hatFeza Fanatic Yarn

Bulky yarns have really been popular this year. I want to bring your attention to one of my favorites. This two tone yarn has really long color runs. The change from one to the other is gentle, yet quick. It is an acrylic wool blend, 231 yds for only $9 a ball. For a long time I forgot it had so much acrylic in it. It just felt like 100% wool to me, and my little raglan jacket kept me warm just like it was pure wool.

Impulse crochet! On the right is a picture of my crochet hat. I don't have a pattern for it. I just followed the instructions for a single crochet hat pattern. The pattern stitch is one that Laura in our Saturday group, (and who also does our crochet version of our Rose City Yarn Crawl patterns) is using in the Rose City Yarn Crawl 2013 pattern. I love the texture, and started visualizing it in a hat. So winging it, this is how its looking so far. The yarn is Feza Fanatic and does slow color changes between 2 colors. Fun blends, one of my favorites is the black and red. I crocheted on a J hook (6mm). Quick project! Instant gratification! Needed just 1 ball.

Details here: Feza Fanatic Bulky Yarn

Classic Shades Sequins Light YarnClassic Shades Lite Zig-Zag Lace Shawlette Pattern picture

Universal's Classic Shades Sequins

A DK weight, acrylic and wool blend which is sure to keep your projects interesting with its long color runs and a touch of added sparkle.

It's just a simple and fun yarn at a great price!

Composition: 74% Acrylic, 22% Wool, 4% Payette
Yardage: 264 yards (100 grams)
Weight: 3 (Light) DK
5 stitches per inch on a US#7 needle
Crochet STS: 4.25 single crochets per inch on a USH-8 (5mm) hook

Details here: Classic Shades Sequins Lite Yarn

Zig Zag Lace Shawlette Pattern

fairisle baskets knit in uptown worsted yarn

Basket Pattern FREE

Last newsletter we introduced Neon shades in the Universal's Uptown Worsted Yarn line. I've no new color to share with you, but fell in love with these little baskets.

While Halloween is the farthest from our minds, can't you see this in a Valentine design, Easter or 4th of July? Maybe on your entry way table for keys, on your desk with mints for your clients, as a gift filled with treats for a sick friend? The ideas are endless, the gauge pretty much doesn't matter . . . oh yeah . . . the creative juices for instant gratification are flowing!

Yarn Details here: Uptown Worsted

PDF can be downloaded here.


Select shades of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky is reduced to $11.49, instead of its normal $19.50.
NO! Marked down again to $10.49.....22 shades still available!

Pima Tencel, already a good price at $5, is dropped to $3.49.

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of Yarn Store News! Angelika

Thank You for your patronage and patience! Henry and I deeply appreciate all our customers. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. Til next newsletter . . . . happy crafting! Angelika