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A small buiness is classified as fewer than 20 employees (and make up just under 90% of businesses in the U.S.). I guess that makes me micro-small, since it is just Henry and me. That means when you call and and get a female voice, it's me! or a male voice, it would be Henry.

Henry is super-amazing with color! So if it is a color question, ask for Henry! And he certainly has his following!
But we both put customer service and getting your orders to you as soon as possible a #1 priority. And . . . we feel that we've been treated exceedingly good with all of our customers! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Frolicking Feet, 100% superwash merino from Done Roving in Jaywalker Pattern.

On October 31st we'll be drawing names at random for these fantastic prizes.

'nother contest!

3 BIG BIG winners this time!

We're giving away 1 set of addi Natura Interchangeable needles (value $179.95)
2 Cascade Great American Kids Afghan kits ($110.00)!

THE IMPORTANT PART: To become eligible for the drawing we want to read about your favorite yarn, tool or why you like us on your website, blog or wordpress! (sorry, no facebook this time!)

  • On your website, blog or wordpress, post the link of that product page fromo our website, and the reason why you love this particular product, or a story about that product.
  • Email us at with the url of your webiste, blog or wordpress!
Each unique post (a different page on our site) you make about different yarns or tools can always give you more chances to win. What will you start with?

Cascade's Baby Alpaca Chunky

We don't have to turn our heads when we hear "oh my, this is scrumpdillishiously soft". We know it is our Chunky Baby Alpaca from Cascade. This yarn always surges in popularly at this time of the year. And just in time, Henry has remodeled the web page to include all the new colors. Since we order from Cascade weekly, feel FREE to order any color, even if it is out of stock. We will touch base with you on the timing, and then ship it out as soon as Stacy (UPS gal!!) delivers that 60+ lb box each week!

Stunningly soft yarn with the warmth of wool yet none of the itch. Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky Yarn is 100% alpaca yarn. Baby Alpaca Chunky knits up fast at 3.5 sts per inch. Bulky yarn, unbelievably soft, super warm yarn, in beautiful solids, heathers and hand painted shades.
See More Here!

Inspirational Design for Machine Knitters Class

What can I do with my knitting machine??

I love to machine knit, even more than hand knit. When the weather changes I turn to indoor projects. Machine knitting, on a Sunday morning, with coffee and a fresh design is one of my favorite things to do.

My design ideas stem from clothing catalogs and knitting and crochet magazines. I enjoy looking at vintage designs. Drawing up either their shape, or a particular stitch that is unusual, or the fact that it may be a sectional design. I'll sketch it out, changing a few details to my taste and size.

The next step to determine which yarn will give me the body or the drape that my "new" design requires. The drape of the original design is very important. Select yarns that will achieve this drape. Then off to the machine to knit test swatches. And if there is a stitch design, I will test to see if the stitch can be reproduced on the machine, and if not, if I can substitute.

I also love to hand knit or crochet a panel or yoke. Years ago I crocheted a lacy v-shaped yoke (front and back). After it was completed I charted out the body of the garment and completed those simple pieces on the machine.

Get a better understanding of creative original designs, and join Angelika for a 3 hr class. Get inspired! Or simply learn if a machine is in your future!

Inspirational Design for Machine Knitters Class

  • November 17, 2013
  • 1:00-4:00
  • $39.00 (no refunds after 11/10/13)
  • Bonus: 50% of class fee can be applied toward purchase of knitting machine (valid only during day of class).
  • Materials: Pen/pencil and paper. Clip and bring pictures of garments for conversion discussion. (no machines)
  • Limited seating. Minimum: 5 students. Maximum: 15 students.
  • REGISTRATION or call.

The most popular model, the Silver Reed LK150, knits perfectly for Dk, Worsted and some Bulky yarns. It's a great beginner machine, yet it is the one that I enjoy the most.

The Silver Reed SK280 and SK840 is the oldest gauge and knits Fingering and Sport really well. It can also do DK and some worsted, but it wasn't really designed for it. The smaller needles and smaller parts often can wear out with extended use of worsted weight yarns.

The Silver Reed SK155 is PERFECT for Worsted and Bulky weight yarn. It's beefy needles and carriage can handle the thicker yarns great!

To recap:
Lace, Fingering & most Sport weight yarns would knit on the SK280 or SK840.
Sport, DK, Worsted and some Bulky would knit on the LK150.
Worsted and Bulky would knit on the SK155.

Extended Sizes in the new addi Rocket Needles

I love the addi turbo needles, and I also love the addi lace needles, but when addi combined the best of both, I knew I was a goner!

The addi Rockets were first introduced as the Sock Rockets, and were only available in the smaller sizes. Now available in sizes up to US#13, in 24, 32 & 40" lengths and I couldn't be happier. The same incredible smooth join, soft plyable cable, and highly polished nickel of the turbos, combined with a sharp point. Not so sharp that it punctures your finger tips, but sharp enough to slip smoothly into your stitches.

I know that I'm starting a new storage bag and populating it totally with my addi Rockets.

See more here!

Not a pretty picture, but worth a thousand words!

My accurate swatch

Did you ever imagine that you would have to take gravity into considering knitwear design? Have you ever created a sweater only to find that the 26" sweater dropped to 28" during the course of the day? Longer might be tolerable, but when knitwear drops, it looses in width as well. Something that was a finished width of 40" and 28" long, could change to a finished width of 38" and 31" long. After all those hours of designing, measuring, knitting or crocheting, then finishing, ends in dissappointment.

Everyone cringes when told to swatch . . . . except me. I enjoy swatching the best. It is my way of getting to know my yarn, judge its behavior, and change my tools if needed. I also do an abnormally large swatch. I'd rather take a few extra hours to guarantee my success, than to just knit and hope it fits *someone*.

I start with casting on a number of stitches that I feel will give me 8". Then create a piece 8" long. At this point, I either bind off or remove the stitches onto a blocking wire. Using clothes pins or clips, clip to a coat hangar. If my garment is particularly long, perhaps past my hips, I will steam block the swatch as it is hanging.

Let the swatch hang for a few days. You could also add a couple clothes pins to the bottom to emulate the weight of a longer garment. I will even take the measurement of the swatch as it is hanging.

For the width, take the total #of stitches cast on, and divide by the width in inches. Example: If I cast on 36 sts (hoping to get 8"), and my piece drops to 7.75", the gauge is 4.65 sts per inch (36 div by 7.75). My goal was 4.5 sts per inch, but if I'm happy with the 4.65 result, I will chart to that gauge. If my project must be 4.5 sts, I will recast on 36 sts on a larger needle, and try again.

It's extra work, but there's not much time in my day to knit, so a little extra work in the beginning means a lot less work at the end!

The photo is a swatch done on my knitting machine. It just happened to be handy. Doesn't matter if it is crochet, hand or machine knit, the process is the same. This particular swatch has waste yarn at the beginning and end, but just as often I do a cast on and bind off.

Cloud Chaser Vest

The Cloud Chaser vest is delicately cabled and dramatically draped. The back features full cables, knit from hem to neck. The fronts are knit side to side, with a single cable detail near the edge. But the collar is the highlight here; wide and cabled and framing the neckline perfectly. This seasonless layer is great over tanks, tees, or long sleeves. Equally great with jeans or even something more dressy, it’s the perfect wardrobe extender.

This is our store model, knit for you by Erika Wine of ErikaSmerika Designs. Erika did our model out of the yarn the pattern called for, Lorna's Laces Honor.

Honor is a rich blend of alpaca and silk and is the perfect yarn for this vest because of its amazing drape. The vest is very forgiveable, as this small size fits an amazing range of sizes. In my mind, because of the yarn and the design, the gauge isn't *quite* as critical as with other garments.

See all the colors we stock in Lorna's Laces Honor here!

See more details about the pattern here!

frolicking feet sock yarn

New colors: Frolicking Feet
(sock yarn - fingering weight)

Vivid and inspiring colorways from wool born, raised, spun, and dyed on a farm on the most eastern tip of the USA.

Composition: 100% Superwash Merino Wool
Yardage: 480 yds/4 oz
Weight:    STS: 6-8
Recommended Needle: US#2-3
Recommended Hook: E-F
Knitting Machine: Silver Reed SK280 or SK840

See more here!

2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl

Experience the international knitting hub of Portland, Oregon, during the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl. Over four action-packed days, yarn aficionados from around the world will explore the Rose City and discover the many Local Yarn Shops, indie dyers, and designers in and around Portland!

Join 18 Local Yarn Shops for:
   Free Patterns
   Prize Baskets
   Special Events
   ...and One Amazing Experience!

Plan your trip now and take advantage of a special price at the official hotel of the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl.
Red Lion Portland Convention Center - 1021 NE Grand Avenue - Portland, OR 97232 - Tel: 503-235-2100

Learn more about the fifth annual Rose City Yarn Crawl by visiting:

Thank you for your patronage and patience! Henry and I deeply appreciate all our customers. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. 'Til the next newsletter . . . . happy yarning! Angelika