Magnetic Pattern Holders

Help yourself find your place easier when you glance at your patterns. Strong magnetics keep your papers in place in a variety of ways! Be aware that some electronic devices still react to magnetized metal. Keep such boards away from CRT monitors and avoid prolonged exposure to smartphones or touchpad devices!

Knitter's Pride Magma Chart Keepers

Handy notebook style pattern holders with 3 small magnets and a lengthwise strip to mark your place. The folder is kept closed by sturdy snaps and can be folded backward to stand up on its own. The Knitter's Pride Magma style comes with an inside pocket that can expand to accomodate a small stack of papers and a holder for a pen (fine, ball-point pen included). The large one holds 8.5x11 comfortably while the small one is half that size and letter paper will need to be folded in half.

Large Magma Chart Keeper 20"x12"
(Expanded size)

Small Magma Chart Keeper 10"x12"
(Expanded size)

LoRan Magnetic Board (8"x10")

A very simple magnetic board which is just smaller than lettersize paper. The board includes several magnetic strips to arrange how the crafter sees fit as well as a magnetic 6" ruler. The corners of the board are rounded.

Plastic stand is not included.