Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace Yarn

50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight. 8 sts per inch on US#3. This wonderful yarn is perfect for cobweb like shawls, either knit or crochet! Hand dyed here in the USA, the colors are beautiful.

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Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace

50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight. 8 sts per inch on US#3.

Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace Yarn is a high quality yarn- hand dyed yarn -silk and wool blend.

Lorna's Laces Helen in Mystic

Mystic (dark forest green-nearly solid)

Lorna's Laces Helen in Renaissance Romance

Renaissance Romance

OUR Exclusive Color !!

Pacific Berries #9761, contains deep aqua, dark blue-purple and magenta.

Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace in Indian Summer

OUR Exclusive Color !!

Indian Summer #9741, contains deep aqua, poppy orange red, sandy-chino and harvest gold

Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace in Gentle Lime

OUR Exclusive Color !!

Gentle Lime #9731.

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Lorna's Laces Yarns


Shepherd Sock

Shepherd Sport

Shepherd Worsted

Shepherd Bulky



Helen's Lace

Lion & Lamb



















Helen's Lace in color Solitude



Helen's Lace in color Echo


A warm grey with hints of mauve.


Helen's Lace in color Dusk


A soft, dusky purple. Very evening delicate.


Buckingham Fountain (Shades of Taupe)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Magnificent Mile (Soft yellows, like a Banana. Very sweet.)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Grant Park (Chartreuse, moss green and forest green shades.)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Lincoln Park Zoo (Strawberry Pinks!)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Navy Pier (Shades of blue, with touches of dark sea green.)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Skyway (Shades of Dark Green)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

The L (Wine & Plum)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Bean (Shades of very light grey leaning a bit toward blue-green)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Outer Drive (Aqua Blue & Aqua Green)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Helen's Lace in color Grand Steet Ink

Grand Street Ink (Jared Flood)

A rich deep dark chocolately winey purple.


Helen's Lace Shawl from Jared Flood.

Download the pdf pattern from Jared at www.brooklyntweed.net

Join the Lorna's Laces KAL for this project on RAVELRY.

Kerfuffle (deep dark plum-black)


photo done in Shepherd Worsted



photo done in Shepherd Worsted



photo done in Shepherd Worsted



photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Monkey Shines


photo done in Shepherd Worsted

Fjord is a light blue, slightly toward grey. Looks really beautiful paired with the color commentary Deep Dark Secret.


50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight.

A beautiful bronzy gold.


50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight.

Robot Overlord
Robot Overlord is sure to be the best seller. Rich shades of browns and teasing inserts of poppy.


50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight.

Turtle Rodeo
Turtle Rodeo is bright and flirty. The graphic doesn't show the colors quite as well as they are. There is dark teal, medium teal, terracotta and dusty green. This will eventually be rephotographed. But I love the teals in this color!! I would call it a fall collection of colors.


50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight.

Unicorn Parade
Unicorn Parade is an updated version of Child's Play. Very brightly colored, a perfect name for this youthful and playful color combination.


50% Silk 50% Wool. Approx 1200 yds per hank. Lace weight.

Tonal shades of acid rinsed denim, aqua and dolphin blue.


a dusty mauve, dusty moss and green gray.
(This is looking darker on my monitor than it really is. A very difficult color to reproduce digitally!)


Sober shades of charcoal and grey.


soft sage, whipped butter, yellow and wheat.



Chocolate, dark plum, dark eggplant, dark denim and charcoal.


Zombie BBQ
deep red, moss green, soft lime, dusty lavender.


Helen's Lace in color Sheridan

Sheridan #909
Tonal shades of navy, denim and dark blue.


Helen's Lace yarn in color Midway

Midway #809
a dusty-pale grey, lavender and blue.


Helen's Lace yarn in color Hermosa

Hermosa #709
Shades of Plum, grey, denim and dusty-eggplant.


Helen's Lace yarn in color Fiddlehead

Fiddlehead #609
Cedar, tan, olive and dusty-blue-grey.


Valentine #58 (Re-Introduction)
Tonal shades of red, fuschia and eggplant.


Andersonville #109
Avocado, tan and denim.


Beverly #209
Heavily saturated shades of cyan, lime, dark green and dark denim


Montrose #309
dusty grey-lavender, pewter, pale lime and tan. Rather breathtaking!


Rockwell #409
Burnt plum, dusty lavender, olive and soft terracotta


Satsuma #509
Bright shades of Tangerine


Woodlawn #118
Caramel shades, mustard and dusty coral.


Ashburn #608
Plum, island blue, celery and taupe.


South Shore #908
Soft dusty blue, sagey-cedar green, lavendar and soft island blue (aqua).


Maple Grove #808
The colors of maple leaves in the fall. Old red, chocolate brown and tan.


Huron #308
Soft dusty blue, sagey-cedar green and all the shades you can imagine as they blend from one to another.


Winona #508
Bright sunshine yellow and cotton candy pink. I see shades of sherbet orange as it changes between the yellow and pink.


Butterscotch #55ns


Edgewater #208
Dark blue, sky blue of the sky, chocolate and cedar green.


Apple Hill #108
Talk about bright! Almost neon strawberry red, cotton candy pink, medium blue and strong lavender. You can see a plummy pink where the lavender changes to bright pink.


Pilsen #408
Dark plum, chocolate and dark cranberry red. Where the dark plum changes to chocolate it does through a very dusty mauvey shade.


Amish #50

Aqua #13ns

Argyle #501

Aslan #76

Berry #23ns

Bittersweet #630

Black Purl #27

Black Watch #304

Blackberry #4ns

Bold Red #11ns

Brick #38ns

Bucks Bar #142

Camouflage #708

Carol Green #47ns

Carrot #42ns

Cedar #7ns

Charcoal #16ns

Childs Play #62

China Blue #41ns

Chino #15ns

Chocolate #36ns

Circus #90

Clay #17

Confetti #28

Cool #42

Country Christmas #206

Cranberry #45ns

Daffodil #204

Denim #14ns

Devon #407

Desert Flower #100

Douglas Fir #6ns

Embers #66

Envy #207

Firefly #54ns

Flames #146

Forest #37

Georgetown #152

Glenwood #105

Gold Hill #64

Grapevine #3ns

Grays Corner #44

Green Valley #84

Happy Valley #24

Harvest #8ns

Hawaii #212

Icehouse #162

Iris Garden #12

Irving Park #205

Island Blue #51ns

Jay Pond #132

Jeans #46

Lakeview #504

Layettte #303

Liberty #1776

Lilac #12ns

Lorikeet #103

Manzanita #2ns

Miata #301

Mineshaft #102

Mint #25ns

Mixed Berries #38

Mother Lode #74

Mt Creek #56

Natural #0

Navy #24ns

Neon #401

Newton #36

Old Rose #44ns

Pale Pink #29ns

Parfait #80

Peach #10ns

Periwinkle 49ns

Pewter 9ns

Pine #20ns

Pink Blossom #1ns

Pioneer #16

Pond Blue #5ns

Poppy #50ns

Powder Blue #21ns

Purple Club #701

Purple Iris #48

Rainbow #601

Ravenswood #773

Red Rover #107

River #92

Safari #305

Sage #43ns

Sand Ridge #112

Seaside #203

Shadow #101

Sherbert #801

Somerset #32

Springer #14

Sunshine #40ns

Sweetie #222

Tahoe #34

Tickled Pink #307

Turquoise #22ns

Tuscany #403

Uptown #104

Valentine #58

Vera #70

Violet #37ns

Watercolor #18

Whisper #53ns

Whitewater #86

Wisteria #26

Yellowstone #201

Lorna's Shawl Pattern Heaven

This is Lorna's Easy Shawl Pattern.
It is printed on the inside wrapper of each hank of Helen's Lace and Heaven Yarn. I'm working on it with the Heaven Yarn. It is very easy, and something I can work on when attending meetings.

Helen's Lace Easy Pie Wedge Shawl Pattern

Helen's Lace Easy Pie Shawl

You can purchase the pattern, or this pattern is also printed on the back of the Helen's Lace hank wrapper.

Uses 1 hank of Helen's Lace. US#8 needle.

Edna's Simple Shawl pattern

Edna's Simple Stole

Size: approx 20 by 72 inches.

Needles: US#6 and a much larger needle for very loose bindoff.

Materials: 1 hank of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace.

Lorna's Laces Lace & Laced Up

A very light weight shell in a simple lace pattern, using 2 strands of Helen's Lace.

Finished measurements: 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60".

Materials: 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 of Helen's Lace. US#5 straight needles, US#5 16" circular needles.

Gauge is 5.5 sts per inch (using Helen's Lace double stranded).

Lorna's Laces Scalloped Shell Vest Pattern

Lorna's Laces Scalloped Shell Vest Pattern.

Finished Chest Measurements: 40, 45, 50 inches

Materials-Lorna's Laces: 1 hank Heaven and 1 hank Helen's Lace. US#5, 6, 7 needles.

Sample was done in Heaven Desert Flower and Helen's Lace China Blue

Pawprint Shawl & Scarf Pattern

Pawprint Shawl & Scarf.

Blocked measurements: Scarf is 9.5" x 57". Shawl is 23" x 88".

Materials: Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace Yarn. 1 hank for Shawl. 1 hank for Scarf. US#6 needles.

Lorna's Laces Lace and Bobble Cardigan

Designed by Nancie M Wiseman. A stunning and rewarding project to knit. Lightweight, yet warm. Lacy diamond borders up the sleeves and body, with a lacy bobble hem and welts.

Finished Chest Measurements: 35.5, 40, 45.5 inches. 20.5, 21.5, 22.5 inches length

Materials-Lorna's Laces: 1 hank Helen's Lace and 1 hank Heaven. Ring markers. 7 buttons. US#6 and #8 needles.

Gauge: 4 sts per inch in stockinette using both yarns held together on larger needles.

Photo garment appears to have been done in Blackberry.

Wave Lace Tunic

From Lorna's Laces, designed by Judy Summer. Incredibly light weight and drapey top.

Finished Chest Measurements: 34, 38, 42 "

Materials: 1 hank of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace (50% Silk, 50% Wool. 1250 yds). Straight Needles US#6. 16" circular needles US#6.

Gauge: 6 sts and 8 rows per inch before blocking. 6 sts and 6 rows after blocking.

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