Knitting DVDs and Videos

Learn how to knit, repair mistakes, and understand knitting lingo with these helpful videos.

Knitting Socks on a Single Circular Needle

There's nothing bigger in knitting right now than making hand-knitted socks, but many knitters feel intimidated by the traditional method of knitting socks using multiple double-pointed needles.

Toss away those double points! Knitting Socks on a Single Circular Needle shows you an easy-to-learn method of making socks in the round using only one circular needle. Leslye Solomon will take you step-by-step through the process of casting on, knitting the leg, shaping the heel and gusset, knitting the foot, and shaping the toe using a single needle. You will learn about different fibers available for socks, and how to properly measure the foot.

Already use double points, but want to switch? You'll learn how to convert what you know about sock knitting to this new method. Also learn how traditional sock patterns written for double points can be converted to the single needle method.

Included with the DVD is a companion multi-gauge pattern for basic socks made with a single circular needle.

Leslie Solomon's Learn How to Knit

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit, or change your current method of knitting to be more efficient, ergonomic, more even, and faster? If you answered yes, this is the video for you! Left or right-handed, six years or older, you will save wear and tear on your neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Leslye Solomon provides easy-to-learn, unique techniques have successfully taught thousands of knitters to knit continentally. Whether you’ve knitted for years, or are just beginning, this is the ABSOLUTE best way to learn how to knit! Learn all about needles, how to cast on, how to knit and purl in both Continental and American, how to bind off, how to fix a dropped stitch in both garter and stockinette, and how to unravel to repair a mistake. Also, learn how to navigate a yarn shop, all about yarn and gauge, and how to plan your first project, be it a scarf, shawl or vest.

Leslye Solomon (U.S.) teaches the perfect techniques for professional finishing of your project.

Sweater Finishing with Leslye Solomon: how to professionally block, seam and finish your knit or crocheted garments.


Instead of skeletons in your closet, is there a bag filled with four knitted pieces just waiting to become a sweater? You spent all that money on the yarn and all those hours knitting it, why stop now? Finally, here is the video that gives a close-up and private lesson that answers so many of your finishing questions for hand and machine knitters.

In this DVD you will learn:

  • How to block using Blockers or blocking wire sets
  • How to treat various fibers.
  • Two methods of joining shoulder stitches for a flawless and invisible seam.
  • Learn how to pick up around the neck edge.
  • How to pick up the side of a drop shoulder sweater and knit down towards the cuff.
  • For machine knitters see how to cast off 1 x 1 ribbing so the end looks as good as the beginning.
  • Learn how to install a set in sleeve and see how to do the best invisible side seams ever.
  • How to begin the edge of the seam to get the most even edge.
  • Learn how to install zippers, weave in ends, make reversible seams for afghans, improve the look of cardigan bands.
  • How to lengthen and shorten knits, and more. . .

How to Knit Socks DVD

Here is the best way to learn the wonderful craft of knitting socks. This close-up and personal video will guide you, beginner or advanced, through the easy techniques of making socks by hand. Learn the techniques for knitting in the round by using double pointed needles, see new ways of casting on in a rib pattern (great for other projects too), knitting and turning heels, and shaping the toe. Once you place your sensitive feet in a pair of your own homemade socks, get ready for the happiest, warmest, and best dressed feet ever.

I Can't Believe I'm Knitting

Learn to knit with Melisssa Leapman!

This teach-yourself knitting DVD makes it easier than ever to learn America's hottest leisure skill. It's like having your own personal instructor available 24 hours a day! Popular designer Melissa Leapman provides friendly, expert guidance through the step-by-step lessons. You can put your learning into practice immediately on an easy scarf or spa cloth, or follow the Stitch-Along instructions for a basket weave purse, ladder scarf, or toddler hat. With its convenient A-to-Z Index, Reference Library, Trouble-shooting Guide, and other features, this DVD will quickly move you into today's wonderful world of knitting. Don't be surprised when you hear yourself saying, "I can't believe I'm knitting!"

The Art of Knitting

The Art Of Knitting. Explore the art of knitting:
Step-By-Step Instruction (all levels): Master knitters Jennifer Wenger, Marla Pelz
Fiber Types workshop: Laura Bryant/Prism Yarns
The Making of Yarn: Shearing (WindyHillsFarm), Spinning,Dyeing (Twisted Sisters)
Color Theory: Zhenya Gershman, artist/educator J Paul Getty Museum
Knitted Swimwear: celebrated designer Ashley Paige
Fit-to-knit Workout: prevent injuries Beverly Hills Chiropractor Dr Kent Sveningson
Wire Knitting: renowned author/designer Nancie Wiseman
Zen of Knitting: Bernadette Murphy recounts selections from her best-selling book
Get Inspired: Knitting Circles, Events and Workshops