Angelika's is relocating to the mid-west and expanding to 5400 sq ft!!

WE ARE CURRENTLY ON THE MOVE! (Track our progress on Facebook)
Feel free to continue ordering from the website as you wish but walk-in business in Portland, OR is now closed.
from the new destination and will be filled as quickly as stock is delivered.

Angelika's Yarn Store will resume processing all orders as fast as possible--just like normal!

Natural Lanolin Skin Care

Lanolin Skin Care Lanolin Skin Care

For dry skin! Create an effective barrier against penetrating dirt and grime. Nourishment for dry, flakey skin with natural Lanolin Extracts, blended with glycerin. Perfect for fiber artists with a rich, non-greasy formula. Available in convenient 1.75 oz tubes for purse or office, or a 8.4 oz handy pump dispenser for the kitchen or workplace.

8.4 oz pump dispenser

Handy 1.75oz size