Knitting Tools

Page 1: Knit Clips, Wonder Knitters, yarn threaders, and ravel cords.
Page 2: Pom-pom Makers, accessory kits, knitting pins, and color wheels.

Addi Work Hook

If you have missed the work hook that used to come with our knitting machines, you will be pleased to see this tool! A picture is worth a thousand words! Check out the 2 difference curved tips.


Clover Thimble

Pushing the tips of your needles through causing some sore fingertips? Try a cushy, rubbery thimble for those long nights of knitting or sewing.

(14.5mm in diameter)

(15.5mm in diameters

(17mm in diameter)

Silvalume HandiTool

From Susan Bates. A simple tool to cover various tasks from picking up stitches to repairing. One end is a small crochet hook while the other end is a needle

Clover Wonder Knitter

Knitting made Quick & Easy with Clovers New Wonder Knitter. The special removable turning heads allows you to make Fashionable Knitted Accessories. The Wonder Knitter comes with a 3 pin and a 6 pin removable head. Great tool for Beadwork Jewelry, accessories for Scarf, Sweaters, Pants, Handbags and much more!

Super popular for children. Introduce your children to the world of yarn with this cute "spool knitting" toy.

french knitter french knitter

Pony French Knitter

Susan Bates Knit Klips

10 Knit Klips per package. Aligns edges for quick seaming! Large size designed for hand knitters. Comes in assorted colors (red, blue, or green). Colors chosen at random.

yarn guide

Yarn Guide

For when knitting with two or more colors. Made of soft, durable plastic.

Clover Wonder Clips

These clips were designed with the seamstress in mind. But they spoke to me!
- - They have a strong grip and will hold the edges of my knitting together so I can seam evenly. Particularly good size (small) for my thinner weight projects. (where were these when I struggled to stitch my mohair sleeve cap into the armhole!).
- - I've also grabbed a few to "bull-dog" clip some papers together. Sweet!
- - and Finally, I've been using them with my knitting machine, to hold down my yarn until I get a few rows knit.
- - There's 50 clips...enough to last pretty much forever, and they store in this strong hinged box that won't come open even if it is stored in your knitting supply bag.

Clover says: Clip and hold, Clip and Sew right where you need it! Open wide for holding multiple layers of fabric. It won't damage or distort the fabric. Great Holding capacity for different types of crafts. 1/4" and 1/2" seam allowance markings on on the base of clip of clip. Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot. The Wonder Clips are great alternative to pins, especially when working with heavy weight fabrics, piles, and vinyls. It can hold layered sections of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping without distortion. It holds quilt binding while sewing and it's easy to see and easy to find when dropped on the floor. Works well with sergers.

Wonder Clips set of 10

Wonder Clips set of 50

for a strong plastic case of 50 clips

Antique Yarn Threader


Yarn Threader

You've seen these for sewing thread,
now we have them for threading yarn into tapestry needles.

Clover Yarn Cutter in Gold or Silver. Security safe for all sorts of travel.



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