Learn to do Hairpin Lace

Using a crochet hook and hairpin lace loom, hairpin lace involves creating strips, or braids, that are then crocheted together.
This step-by-step guide shows you the basic braid and all of its variations plus many different ways of edging and joining. Use crochet thread to create airy, delicate lace for a beautiful shawl or lacy doily, or use worsted weight yarn to create sturdy items such as afghans and hats.

Hairpin Lace Ruana #PH607 from Oat Couture

DK Weight: 1125 yds. Crochet hooks G & I. Hairpin Lace Loom.

Aran Weight: 950 yds. Crochet hooks I & K. Hairpin Lace Loom.

One Size. Approx Fin Measurements: 46" wide by 60" long.

Oat Couture Hairpin Lace Scarves to Crochet #PH605

These lovely, lacy scarves are fun and quick to make with a hairpin lace loom and a crochet hook!

Finished Size: Pale Blue Scarf 4" wide 64" long.
Multi-colored Scarf 5" wide 60" long.
Medium Blue Scarf 5" wide 70" long.

Materials: Pale Blue Scarf 365 yds dk weight yarn, crochet hook H, Hairpin Lace Loom.
Multi-colored Scarf 160 yds aran weight yarn, crochet hook J, Hairpin Lace Loom.
Medium Blue Scarf 275 yds dk weight yarn, crochet hooks G & I, Hairpin Lace Loom.

Hairpin lace vest crochet pattern from Oat Couture #PH609

Oat Couture Hairpin Lace Vest

This fun, breezy vest is easy to make with strips of hairpin lace - a technique which really showcases a beautiful yarn. Crocheted in worsted or chunky weight yarn. Finished sizes about 36, 42, 48, 54" at bust.

Finished chest measurements: 36, 42, 48, 54, and 22, 23, 24, 25 inches long.

Worsted Version: 650, 775, 925, 1075 ydds, Crochet Hook H, 1 button, hairpin lace loom.
Chunky Version: 400, 500, 600, 700 yds, crochet Hook K, 1 button, hairpin lace loom.