Crochet Hooks and Gift Sets

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Gift Set

The Crochet Amour have handles in vibrant colors to easily identify sizes. The handle is made of elastomer rubber, making comfortable and stress free crochet. Set includes a handy carrying case with several pockets for your accessories. Includes Sizes /2.25mm B C D /3.25mm /2.75mm /3.50mm E F G /3.75mm /4.00mm 7 /4.50mm /5.00mm H I J /5.50mm /6.00mm Set comes with 10, soft handled hooks. Sizes: B, C, D, E, F, G, 7, H, I, and J. Comes with a brightly colored clamshell case that zips closed. An outer zipper pocket can store small items like stitch markers and tapestry needles.

Clover Amour Hook Set 3672

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set

Amour crochet hooks features soft easy grips that gives users the most comfortable finger placement as well as tireless functionality. The Aluminum hook is the perfect shape for smooth crocheting. Color coordinated according to their size, making it easy to identify the size you need. Set includes 10 sizes: B-2.25mm, C-2.75mm, D-3.25mm, E-3.50mm, F-3.75mm, G-4.00mm, 7-4.50mm, H-5.00mm, I-5.50mm, and J-6.00mm

Clover Amour Steel Cochet Hook Set 3675

Clover Amour Steel Crochet Hook Set

Amour Steel Crochet Hooks are conveniently color coded according to their sizes. Elastomer rubber handles are designed for comfortable, stress free manipulation and reduced fatigue. Set includes 7 sizes: Size 0 - 1.75mm Size 2 - 1.50mm Size 4 - 1.25mm Size 6 - 1.00mm Size 8 - 0.90 mm Size 10 - 0.75mm Size 12 - 0.60mm

Knitters Pride Symfone Rose Single Ended Crochet Boxed Set.


8 single ended birch wood (laminated) crochet hooks embellished with Swarovski crystals. Sizes E,G, 7, H, I, J, K, L in an attractive gift box.