Crochet Felting Patterns

Knitting and Felting is all the rage, but crocheting and felting is a bit harder to find. Enjoy these hard to find crochet patterns to felt and enjoy for many years.

Crocheted Felt Slippers

#CH32 from Fiber Trends

For children. Fits feet up to 8" long. Slippers have double soles for extra comfort and wear.

Sizes: 6 sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 inches long.

Materials: Worsted weight wool, used single strand. 130, 155, 200, 230, 260, 290 yds. small amt of heavy cotton waste yarn. Crochet Hook K (6.5mm)

Crocheted Felt Hats

#AC11 from Fiber Trends

Approx 360 yds of a heavy worsted weight yarn that felts easily.

Fiber Trends Crocheted Felted Rug and Basket

Fiber Trends Crochet Felted Rug and Basket

#216 from Fiber Trends

What Fun!! And what size it ends up is NOT an issue. So learn to felt your crochet without the worry of fit.

Rug: 22x36, or 27x42 approximately. Basket: 5 inches deep by 11 inches diameter, or 6 inches deep by 13 inches diameter, approximately.

Super bulky weight yarn that will felt well. A double strand of bulky weight yarn may be substituted.