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easy mobius & capelet

A Trio of Scarves: Twin Rib Scarf, Super EZ Mobius and EZ Capelet


3 easy, beginner level scarves that use only 2 balls each of Cascade Kit Seta. The EZ Capelet has an optional scallop edging which requires 1 extra ball.

Contrary to styles, these scarves are classics and will never go out of style. The Twin Rib is perfect for the professional and looks good under a hood and lapel. The mobius is always popular and looks good up or down. This mobius is even large enough to be pulled down and worn across the upper bust line. The capelet is just adorable. It is open in front and has a sweetheart neckline that just begs for that antique pin.

Twin Rib uses a US#10.5 needle, but can be done easily in a US#11. The Super EZ Mobius uses a US#11 needle straight or circular needle. The EZ Capelet uses a US#11 needle, 32" or longer. I did mine on a 60" so I could see it opened out.