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Bulky Weight Yarns

Name: 128 Superwash
Company: Cascade
Content: Superwash Wool
Name: Baby Alpaca Chunky
Company: Cascade
Content: Baby Alpaca
Name: Marble Chunky
Company: James C. Brett
Content: Acrylic
Name: Pacific Chunky
Company: Cascade
Content: Acrylic/Wool
Name: Baby Alpaca Grande
Company: Plymouth
Content: Baby Alpaca
Name: Baby Alpaca Grande Glow
Company: Plymouth
Content: Baby Alpaca/Metallic Wrap
Name: Wicked Fur
Company: Rozetti
Content: Nylon/Polyester
Name: Bamboo Bloom
Company: Universal
Content: Bamboo/Wool/Acrylic
Name: Drifting Gardens
Company: Plymouth
Content: Mohair/Wool/Polyester
Name: Florafil
Company: Made in America Yarns
Content: Cotton
Name: Marina
Company: Universal
Content: Acrylic Novelty Yarn
Name: Shepherd Bulky
Company: Lorna's Laces
Content: Wool
Name: Silk Mohair
Company: Sandnes
Content: Mohair/Wool/Silk
Name: Pluscious
Company: Cascade
Content: 100% Polyester

STS: 3.5 per 1"
Needle: US#9
Name: SMC Select Juliette
Company: SMC Select
Content: 100% Cotton

STS: 3.5 per 1"
Needle: US#10