Yarn Bobbins

Yarn Bobbins for knitting, crochet, machine knitting and simply for storing short lengths of yarn.

EZ Bobbins

Yarn and threads stay put!

EZ BobbinsEZ Bobbins

Large Size - 4 bobbins.

Medium Size - 8 bobbins.

Small Size Set - 8 bobbins.

Pony Bobbins

Pony Bobbins

Large Set consists of 6 bobbins, each almost 4.5 inches long.

Short set consists of 10 bobbins, each almost 2.5 inches long.

Clover Knitting Bobbin Set

Knitting Bobbins prevent entanglement when knitting,Designed with several different colors. 2 white, 2 pink, 2 blue for 6 bobbins in each package.

Boye Jumbo Bobbins

Boye Bobbins

Large Set consists of 2 bobbins, each 3.5 inches long.


Boye Bobbins

Boye Bobbins

Standard size bobbins, set of 7, each 2.75"long.