Ashland Sky Project Bags

An exciting product made here in Oregon. These quality made vinyl packs are semi-transparent, as you can see. I personally found this to be more user friendly than the fabric/quilted storage units. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth if you happen to spill on them. The vinyl also does not get brittle over time!

Zippered Gadget Sacks

Made of flexible, translucent vinyl.

Zippered Gadget Sack 6" - Clear vinyl style with colored zipper

Aqua Zipper

Yellow Zipper

Gadget Sack Plus 7.5" - Clear vinyl style with colored zipper

Yellow Zipper

Ashland Sky Tote Bags

Flat Tote Sack with handle strap and zipper 15"x15" - Solid, colored back with black zipper