addi Fine Crochet Hooks

addi Fine Crochet Hookaddi Fine Crochet Hook

For extremely fine weight yarns and threads, this crochet hook is the way to go. The handle is ridged so you don't have to grip so tight. The back of the handle comes off so you can cap the top of the tip of the hook to keep them safe and undamaged throughout the years. Also, and probably most importantly, each hook handle has the mm sizing carved into it. Even if you throw away the packaging you will always know what size the hook is. The tip is a beautiful gold.

A note about sizes. Manufacturers can name their hooks any size name they want. And there is no consistent table for US sizing. It is for this reason, you should always go by your mm sizing on your crochet hooks. The mm sizing from manufacturer to manufacturer will always be the same, as a mm is a mm no matter what country they are being sold in.

Size 6 1.75mm


Size 8 1.5mm


Size 10 1.25mm


Size 12 1mm


Size 14 .75mm


Size 16 .6mm